CPD is a full service company managing all aspects of product development and life cycle management. We provide electrical and mechanical design expertise, software, firmware, quality testing and industrial design services. We take your concepts from the idea stage through complete product deployment and retool existing products for greater market success.  Our services include design feasibility, product requirements, intellectual property, product design, prototype product testing, quality management and on-going support as required.   We have extensive expertise in multiple engineering disciplines including:

• Industrial Controls Hardware & Software

• Robotics & Automated Systems

• Medical Devices

• Microscopy / Optics

• Electrical System Architecture

• Controls System Architecture

• Electrical Hardware Design

• Custom Printed Circuit Board Design

• Vision Systems / Lighting Solutions

• Image Sensors (Camera Design)

• Digital designs with FPGAs, DSPs, and MCUs

• Power and Amplifiers

• Software Graphical User Interface (GUI)

• Low Level Software Drivers

• Embedded Systems and Firmware

• Various Communication Protocols

• Wireless Peripherals

• PC Control/Touchscreens

• Mechanical Design, Rendering, and Prototyping

 Regulatory Requirements & Standards

• Manufacturing Transfer

• Manufacturing Test Setups

Intellectual Property / Patent Management

At CPD we offer expedited development and refinement services to meet your aggressive timelines.  We are committed to excellence in everything we do and provide high quality product designs that exceed customer requirements.  In addtion we offer on-going engineering, troubleshooting and continuous quality management services. We offer a turn-key job that accelerates your business.

Design Services